About Our Company

MariGourmet Supermarket is located at one of the most exclusive yachting destinations in the Caribbean, Marigot Bay.

We carry all the products of a full fledged supermarket including a selection of Gourmet food items.

Wholesale goods are available upon request and are provided by local distributor Admac ltd. 


Owned by Chef Xavier Ribot and Ruth McFarlane, the two share over 50 years experience in food distribution. 

Xavier Ribot, also a renowned Chef, is known for his excellent French Caribbean Cuisine.

Ruth McFarlane is the Owner and Managing Director of Admac ltd. the island's premier Specialty food distributor for over 20 years experience.


Since its opening in 2007, MariGourmet has been an antidote for boaters and tourists alike. We provide the services of a supermarket without having to taxi from Marigot bay. 

Marigourmet offers a free provisioning service!  This personal shopping program is open to yachts, boats, jets, hotel guests and private residences.  Most goods are sourced from our parent company and distributor Admac Ltd. We offer:

  • Secure accounts for easy payment Card Payments

  • Shopping, complete packaging of your order and temperature appropriate storage until pick-up

  • Local delivery via Admac Ltd.

  • Decorative floral arrangements and beautiful fresh cut flowers

  • Case discounts available on items including wine, water, milk and fruit juices. 

    Large orders require 48 hours notice.  To place an order or for questions,  contact our Yacht Provisioner/Concierge Liaison, Shelba, at info@marigourmet.com

MariGourmet Supermarket



Marigot Bay, St Lucia

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